Traveler Kit

Mini Traveler


We’ve made this kit very accessible so you can quickly get at any of the ingredients you may need, even if it’s not a total emergency. Yes, the scissors are TSA safe, but understand that they’ll probably take notice and want to inspect this gear if you have it in your carry-on. 


Below is a breakdown of everything that is in your Mini-Traveler Kit:


    • 2 safety pins—fastening torn material or used as additional fish hooks. 
    • Duck Tape 30”—good for everything you could ever encounter in your travels. 
    • 4 4” zip ties—neon yellow for visibility. Used for securing, mounting, or mending with ease. 
    • Mini lighter—making fire; it sets us apart from animals. 
    • Whistle. 
    • Mini LED light. 
    • 2 Emergen-C—boost your immune system before your catch that flight. 
    • 2 water purification tabs—prevents all kinds of germs in your water. Best if used in water after boiling but in a pinch, they’ll work great. 
    • 2 butterfly strips—this is the poor man’s stitch. Keep open wounds closed and reinforce it with gauze pad and tape. 
    • 2 3” band-aids—for those small nicks and cuts. 
    • 2 3”x3” gauze pads—for those larger nicks and cuts. 
    • 2 iodine prep pad—wound (and believe it or not, water) sterilization 
    • 2 antibacterial ointment—helps with healing. 
    • 2 sting relief—for bee stings and small bites. 
    • 4 200mg Ibuprofen tablets—take for inflammation, fever reduction, and pain reliever. 
    • 2 alcohol prep pads—to sterilize wound and use as fire tinder.
    • Lip Balm—keep those things soft and supple, smells good too. 
    • 2 Sun block—are you always forgetting this one? If you’re reading this, you’re ‘covered’—get it? 
    • 4 Diarrhea pills—if you need this, you’ll thank us. 
    • 4 Allergy pills—strange place bugging your nose? Not any more—enjoy your trip. 
    • 1 Thermometer—get left of bang with early detection of a fever. 
    • 4 Oval band aids—sometimes those nicks and cuts are really small. 
    • 2 Anti-itch hydrocortisone cream—for those itchy places 
    • 2 Insect Repellent—all natural and effective for keeping those mosquitoes at bay. 
    • Stored in a 4x6 thick 8mil zip closure bag for item containment but can also be used for water collection/storage. 


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