I bought this kit for backpacking and so far its perfect. Its size is small enough to fit in any backpack pocket but would also fit into a camelback pocket. There's so much good stuff in here. 20 feet of paracord is ample for most survival situations. The razor and the saw blade are awesome and I love that the fishing kit comes with 4 hooks and 4 weights where most survival kits only provide one or two of these. Also, a lot of other kits waste space with matches or fishing line where this kit has a high quality ferro rod and striker that will last a long time and instead of fishing line I could see using the inner paracord strands. Duck tape and zip ties are brilliant. I really like the comprehensive medical supplies. 3x3 gauze pads, wound seal, and ointment will fix most boo boos. Wish I could say more. Well built....frogman267
My husband loved it! Very well made, he can't wait to use it when he's fighting wild fires with the DNR...Crystal
Hands down best kit on the market for the money! I spent loads of time researching survival kits and this is the single most comprehensive model I've seen for under $100. This kit covers medical supplies, food procurement, fire, water and shelter. Small enough for glove compartment but beefy enough for a bug out bag. Also, the fact that this kit has stuff like duck tape and zip ties makes it really handy. Because of the zip lock style bag, you can easily access any of the gear without ruining the kit. I'll probably get a few more as gifts this Christmas.....Aaron
We received the items just as ordered. They're great everyone loves them.....Annette
It is made very well and I love the colors in the cords. What you see is what you get! I would definitely buy it again and I'm looking at the other products he makes......Whitney
I think they are fabulous! The colors are great and they are made strong. They fit in a pocket or a bag nicely. I love mine and so do the other people we gave one too as a gift. Got a shipping notification the next morning as was stated in the shipping policy. I will definitely be buying from him again!...Louise