I am Calix Miller and my name means "Handsome Warrior". I am 10 years old. I hope you enjoy my products. I make them all with love. 

I am a cub scout and love being outside and having adventures. I was taught through one of my cub scout books how to make different knots. I realized that I could use that knot knowledge to make products that people could use on their fun adventures. So, with my parents over sight, Handsome Warrior Products began. Being that we live on a military base, I have gotten to sell mainly to other military servicemen and women and their families. They love that my products are made with fun colors and patterns and yet are functional. I believe that you will too.

I give 10% of everything I make to charity (My first year I gave over $400 to Samaritan's Purse and last year gave to a MARSOC organization)  This year I have a goal to raise $1000 to go to International Animal Rescue.  They are raising money to buy 45 acres that is next to their current space to expand the space they have for the orangutans and other animals they care for.  This is a big goal for me!!  I also save my money for college when I’m older so when you support me, you really are supporting me—THANK YOU SO MUCH!

One more thing—Mom and Dad do quality control work on all my products so even though I’m young, you’re getting the best your money can buy.

You can also find me on Facebook at:
• www.facebook.com/handsomewarrior
or email me/my parents at thehandsomewarrior@gmail.com